Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon Music now has roughly 55 million users across its various tiers and shows now signs of slowing. With the launch of Amazon music for Artists, now is the time to start paying more attention. The first BETA release of Amazon Music for Artists comes with some impressive features.

Here’s a quick summary.

  • Stream counts by song, close to near real-time.

  • Insights into voice requests by artist, album, song, and lyric. For example, how many people are asking their Alexa device for your music and how (do they say the lyrics or artist name).

  • Geographical data of Fans and Superfans.

  • Fans account for 50+% of your streaming activity on Amazon Music.

  • Superfans are a smaller, more active group that drive 33+% of your streams on the platform.

  • Playlist adds. See which Amazon Music playlists your songs have been added to and how many streams you are getting from each playlist.

  • iOS and Android apps available. No desktop or web version available at this time.

While there is no direct submission process for artists to “pitch” their music to Amazon Music editors at this time, there are some subtle suggestions as to how one could get more attention. Here are some suggestions based on the information provided on Amazon Music for Artists.

  • Get your fans to ask for your music by artist name, song title, or saying some of the lyrics. It is clear this is being tracked as it is displayed in Amazon Music for Artists.

  • Add your song lyrics to Amazon through LyricFind or MusixMatch as fans may not know your song title but they can tell Alexa part of the lyrics.

  • Tell your fans to ‘follow you’ using their Alexa device or within the Amazon Music app. Asking Alexa is so much cooler though.

How fans can follow an Artist using Alexa.

More information about Amazon Music for Artists can be found at and this article will continue to be updated as it comes to hand.