Wiski D


Hailing from the pulsating heart of Kingston, Jamaica, Wiski D, born Prince-Andrew Beckford, emerges as a dynamic force in the contemporary Dancehall scene. Rooted in a Christian household, Wiski D’s musical journey ignited against the backdrop of the infectious 90s Dancehall vibes resonating through the streets of his hometown.

Immersed in the powerful impact of Dancehall melodies, vocal sounds, and compelling lyrics from a young age, Wiski D’s unique artistic journey took shape, blending the influences of his Christian upbringing with the irresistible beats of Dancehall.

A pivotal moment in Wiski D’s musical odyssey unfolded when legends like Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, and Baby Cham recognized his undeniable talent. Vybz Kartel, astonished by Wiski D’s ability to weave intricate rhyme schemes, paved the way for a connection with the renowned Steven McGregor. Bounty Killer, captivated by his rhymes in the track “Whine Up You Body Gal,” extended crucial support and contact. Acting as a mentor and big brother, Baby Cham played a pivotal role in honing Wiski D’s skills and guiding him through the complexities of the music industry. General Degree also left an indelible mark as a significant influence, particularly in terms of vocal ability, melody, and lyrics.

While Dancehall remains Wiski D’s primary musical style, he keeps the doors open to the influence of any genre that resonates with him. His ability to craft songs on diverse topics and create unique rhymes with a distinctive sound sets him apart in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Noteworthy moments in Wiski D’s career include pending announcements and the eagerly awaited release of “Bring That Come” produced by Dj Wade, slated for February 16, 2024. These moments are poised to not only solidify his presence in the industry but also captivate audiences with the infectious sound that is uniquely Wiski D.

Wiski D has graced the stage on influential platforms like Onstage TV with Winford Williams and engaged in a compelling radio interview with Nazzy on the Nazzy Creative Show on Roots 96.1 FM. These experiences showcase his growing prominence in the media and entertainment realm.

As the calendar turns to 2024, Wiski D is set to collaborate with renowned producers like Dj Karim Stainless, Dj Wade, and emerging talents from Yhenda Records and Clippings Production to craft his highly anticipated first EP. Special thanks go to Dj Karim Stainless, his first producer, for guiding him on this musical journey, providing invaluable experience, and exposure.

Connect with Wiski D on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube @wiskidja, and join him on his quest to make an indelible mark in the music world, delivering massive hit songs through the infectious beats of Dancehall. Wiski D – where the rhythm meets the soul, and the dancefloor comes alive.