Kid Nesian


Kid Nesian is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Papua New Guinea, who is fast becoming a rising star around the Pacific and is projected to be the ‘next big thing’ in the Island Reggae music scene.

Born on the beautiful island of Papua New Guinea, a nation rich in cultural diversity and over 800 languages, he brings his own unique flavor from this region of the world to the Reggae genre. His style has often been described as “Refreshing”, as he blends genres such as roots, pop, RnB, EDM and slight hints of hip hop to create his own blend of Reggae Fusion. Often compared to a younger ‘JBoog’, Kid Nesian brings a modern twist and edge that helps set him apart from other Reggae singers.

Born to a famous musician father who was the lead guitarist for one of the most famous and iconic bands in Papua New Guinea during the 80’s and 90’s, Kid Nesian grew up in a musical family where his passion for music was fostered in a musical household.

Eager to step out of the shadows of his famous father and make a name for himself, he secretly entered himself into the popular singing reality TV competition “Digicel Stars” when he was just 14 years old. The minimum age requirement was 16, so he embellished his entry form just to get onto the show. In front of millions of viewers, he blew the country away with his live performances and stormed to the grand final where he ultimately finished 2nd place. Though he didn’t win, he captivated audiences and became a house hold name in his native PNG and around the Pacific.

The first 2 singles from his debut EP, ‘Stap Wantaim Yu’ and ‘Tamine’ were hits around the Pacific making it into the top 5 of the Australian Top 25 Reggae & Dancehall Charts as well as the top 10 of the Pacific Top 20 Charts. His reggae cover of the classic hit “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions went viral on social media and was supported by major Reggae blogs from the UK, Jamaica and the US and received significant radio airplay in Latin America. His full EP will be released early next year.