Elesia Iimura

ELESIA iiMURA ​was born and raised in Australia until she was 18-years-old. Then she moved to Japan with her father in her early adulthood. “I grew up embracing two completely different backgrounds. During my childhood, my mom raised me and my siblings in Australia and we visited my father in Japan,” she says. ELESIA had a spiritual background through her mother’s Buddhist teachings. ELESIA and her siblings went to temple in the mountains for yoga and meditation. Her rock star father—a member of the band Bon Bon—provided a 180-degree difference in lifestyle. “I remember being on stage at the age of five, watching him shred the guitar to thousands of fans. He was inspirational to me and exposed me to music like ​Jimi Hendrix and ​Michael Jackson​,” says ELESIA.

The spotlight became ELESIA’s calling. She enjoyed a brief modeling career; appearing in an ad campaign for Converse in Japan was a highlight. Yet it was the seed ELESIA’s father planted that made her fall in love with the stage. She learned to add showmanship to her repertoire by studying her father, and drawing inspiration from dancehall queens. Yoga plays a major role in her artistry: she has been teaching the eastern philosophy for over seven years, while its discipline and exercise techniques

shape her choreography. Currently living in Brisbane, Australia, she has turned heads releasing singles, “Believe” and “You Are.” ELESIA opened for ​Boyz II Men and ​Tyga,​ and performed “Crazy” with Agent Sasco in Bristol, U.K. “My musical style is constantly evolving through a modern fusion of urban pop and experimental, innovative beat—drawing influences from R&B, trap, dancehall, afrobeats and hip-hop,” says the singer-songwriter.

Being a guest of honor is a title taken seriously by singer ELESIA iiMURA. The Japanese-Australian artist has earned the respect of musicians from established Jamaican dancehall/reggae artist ​Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco,​ Australian Singer-songwriter ​Timomatic and Afrobeats upstart rapper ​XL,​ by collaborating on each of their songs. On the strength of ELESIA’s featured verses, she has become a rising talent whose vocal and visual presence create a mental tattoo. Her impactful introduction has paved the way for her last single “Come For Me” featuring Agent Sasco.

ELESIA’s varied experiences & intrinsic cultural pull allowed her to create her own space without any limitations or fear, which is present in her music today. Her sound can’t be boxed into the confines of one genre yet it lures you in and takes you on a ride, usually over a heavy bass line driven beat. Elesia has kept a few cards close to her chest with an upcoming collaboration which will feature appearances from rapper/producer Kent Jones (co-signed by DJ Khaled) while behind the boards ​IllaDaProducer and ​Travis Leeprovide ELESIA’s sonic backdrop. ELESIA iiMURA is a breath of fresh air for 2018.